Attendance at Heckington St. Andrew's 

This page details the attendance information for the school.

Attendance Policy 

Whole School attendance

As a school, it is our aim that every pupil achieves an attendance of 95% and above. We can only do this if parents support us fully and if we all understand the importance of NOT taking term time holidays or absences from school.

Half Term Attendance Averages

2023 - 2024

Attendance Key 

Autumn Term 1 = 96.11%

Autumn Term 2 =

Spring Term 1 =

Spring Term 2 = 

Summer Term 1 = 

Summer Term 2 = 

Overall = 

96% - 100% Well done!

91% - 95% Risk of underachievement

85% - 90% Serious risk of underachievement

Below 85% Serious cause for concern and underachievement

Thank you to those parents who are helping the school to raise our attendance levels, which helps our children to get the most out of their educational experience.  Good attendance is vitally important to ensure children have the best chance to succeed at school.   

Schools are obliged to refuse holiday requests during school time in all but the most exceptional circumstances.  Parents are required by law to ensure regular attendance at school and fines may be issued by Lincolnshire County Council where leave is unauthorised.    We would ask for your full support with your child's attendance to ensure that they can benefit from the full curriculum.  

Let’s continue to improve as we’re aiming for 100% attendance!