Welcome to Silver Birch class!

Welcome to year 5 in Silver Birch class. I am really looking forward to spending this year with you all and we have some incredible topics and learning experiences lined up. Make sure to check this page regularly for updated information, celebrations of our learning journey and much more!

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Term 1- Brutal Britain

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Reading Rocks 

Reading really does rock and in Silver Birch we are going to be sharing a wide range of junior novels, poetry, picture books and information books this year. Here are a few recommended reads for year 5.

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 Marvellous Maths 


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Hit the Button is another quick fire skills test where pupils can beat their own score- can you top your own correct answers total in one minute? Click on the button to test your speed and accuracy in multiplication and division facts 









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Reading Rocks!

In year 5 we are devouring Kensuke's Kingdom, exploring Beowulf, reading our school reading books, exploring the library books AND reading a more challenging text in daily group reading. Reading is at the forefront of our learning and it has been a real pleasure to see the children enthused as they devour each new chapter in their books. 

Beowulf- an epic poem becomes a narrative!

We have begun our study of the 1000 year old legend of Beowulf. The children were fascinated to learn that the original story is dervied from a 3000 line epic poem! Using only stills from the animated version, the children built story boards that they tweaked as they uncovered more knowledge of the story. Using inference and deduction, the story boards have evolved and now everyone has mapped their own version of the story from a different perspective.

Keep an eye out for some of our published narratives inspired by this epic poem soon!

Flying start in maths!

We have hit the ground running with our return to school and Maths in particular. We are working with the Maths No Problem programme, developing our mastery of skills and today we were able to demonstrate this mastery taking our learning out onto the playground. 

We ordered numbers in different groups, from largest to smallest and vice versa before merging the different groups to complete a number sequence with numbers up to and even beyond 1,000,000!

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