Curriculum Impact

We regularly review how well our curriculum goals enable achievement.

High Quality Outcomes

  • Has the learning journey led to a purposeful outcome or product?
  • Do children have ownership of the outcomes?
  • Do the pupils experience a taste of the best that has already been achieved?
  • Are there relevant contexts for high quality outcomes for English and Maths?
  • Are teaching expectations high enough?
  • Are there clear assessment criteria?
  • Are pupils challenged to think and to evaluate their learning?
  • Is assessment purposeful, efficient and used to shape future learning?

 We evaluate through monitoring, work scrutiny, data analysis and project outcomes.

Curriculum Content is Responsive and Relevant

  • Are pupils able to connect local, national and global contexts for their learning?
  • Do children experience enjoyment for their learning?
  • Do teachers respond to educational research?
  • Are the rich resources within the local community and environments being maximised?
  • Are tasks adapted to reflect current affairs and technological and environmental changes?
  • Is AfL responsive and effective?

We evaluate through monitoring planning, pupil interviews, evaluations and work scrutinies.

Mastery for all challenges all

  • At the point of learning is the curriculum sufficiently challenging and appropriate for each child?
  • Are there opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the learning values?
  • Are there high expectations for all?
  • Does the work of the children show that tasks are rich?

We evaluate through curriculum outcomes, book scrutiny, pupil interviews and assessment.

Embedding knowledge and skills

  • Do children have opportunities to solve problems and undertake learning at deeper level?
  • Do children have the opportunity to build on their knowledge and skills throughout the school?
  • Are knowledge and skills carefully planned in the curriculum projects?
  • Are there coherent links within projects that increasingly challenge and embed knowledge and skills?
  • Do children have opportunities to embed their knowledge and skills in the curriculum?
  • What knowledge and skills have pupils gained against expectations?
  • Is each National Curriculum subject given integrity and taught systematically through each Key Stage?

 We evaluate through curriculum assessment

Being part of a family and community

  • Does the curriculum engage pupils to be part of  a family of learners?
  • Do children share their learning with others?
  • Do children learn from others?
  • Are our school values explicitly taught in our projects and prepare them for their future lives  -  whatever they may be?
  • Is “The Heckington Way” embedded in our school?
  • Do pupils engage with local community, national and global issues?
  • Are pupils able to relate their values and experience to British Values?

We evaluate through pupil interviews, lesson observations and curriculum evaluations.