Curriculum Intent

We teach a broad and balanced curriculum, which will provide the children with the knowledge, skills (process knowledge) and understanding that they need to become well-rounded and well-informed individuals ready for the next stage of their life.

The full range of core and foundation subjects have been carefully mapped out and sequenced in clear progression frameworks in a way that enables children to acquire the knowledge and skills that they need and then gives them opportunities to practice and apply them over time, in order to master them.   

As part of our carefully mapped out curriculum, we also ensure we provide all children with opportunities for experiential learning, through things such as residential visits, extra-curricular sports, arts and music.

The aims of our school curriculum are:

  • To enable children to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills whilst also becoming independent learners who can think creatively and critically.
  • To fulfil all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.
  • To enable all children to achieve the best possible academic standards, whatever their ability.
  • To develop the personal qualities for lifelong learning, preparing children to make an active contribution to society and prepared for the challenges of life.
  • To explore real world experiences, so that children can see the relevance their learning has in the real world.

Our core values of respect, relationships, responsibility, resilience and reverence underpin all that we do in our school: 5Rs = Ready for Life.