The National Curriculum is used to underpin our school’s History Curriculum. The development of knowledge and process knowledge (skills) we expect is set out in our progression document. By learning History, our pupils will develop their ability to think critically, evaluate evidence, and ask questions – all essential to being an excellent Historian. Pupils learn about different civilizations and cultures throughout time, and across the globe, and develop their knowledge and understanding of significant people and events in British History. Through studying History, pupils will develop their understanding of the diversity of the world, and the impact of key decisions taken by historical figures.



Within KS2, the British history units follow a chronological approach to support pupils in developing a clear long-term narrative across history.   Some units are taught within Upper KS2 due to their more challenging content, for example migration and refugees in the Year 5 ‘Journeys’ unit. Additionally, studying at this level provides opportunities for investigating more complex themes for example government and democracy in the Year 6 ‘The Ancient Greeks’ unit. Throughout the scheme, pupils are guided to make links between the topics taught.  

Teaching is underpinned by the Rising Stars history curriculum to ensure progression and good subject knowledge. The progression document acts as the basis for teachers’ planning. It is tightly planned to ensure the breadth and balance of knowledge and process knowledge (skills) are covered over time. Teachers follow the progression document closely, and only vary from it with the approval of the subject leader.   Knowledge organisers are used to set out the key knowledge that children will learn in a particular unit of work.  Teachers may use their professional judgement to respond to British and global events to teach short discrete lessons and recording them in the topic folders. These discrete lessons underpin knowledge or develop a historical skill. Teachers create frequent opportunities for pupils to develop and recall knowledge.

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