05/12/2021   Weekly update w.c 29.11.21

This week, Silver Birch have shown resilience and responsibility as we completed assessment week. The whole class recevied a work of the week award for their attitude towards assessment and were excited to celebrate their progress. 

Alongside our assessments this week, the children have continued their study of the novel Holes. 

In DT, we have been constructing our mountain dioramas. There's still a bit of work to do before we can then use them in oue music project with Mr Allen this week. We will be recording a movie style soundtrack and doing some stop motion animation in computing all using our dioramas as we bring our topic to a close.

In maths, we began some new learning in division and explored partitioning of numbers to help us to understand the long multiplication method. Many of the class then used their preferred short diviesion (bus stop) to check their answers. 

The field was too boggy for our tag rugby lesson so we learned some tactics in some brilliant games of bench ball where we could use some of the teamwork strategies, coordination and positioning from our tag rugby lessons.