09/12/2021   Weekly update 9.12.21

This week we have been learning:


In maths- how to interpret data in a range of tables, noticing trends in frequency of activity and in identifying when flights, trains and events are available. We have learned how to look for key information to enable us to read the table effectively. We have solved a range of word problems with real world links to broaden our understanding, even writing our own problems and data stories.

In English- we are drafting a review of Camp Green Lake. We have so far identified key features and mapped out how we each want our reviews to be presented. We have looked at a range of sentence structures for effective desription of key features of the camp and Stanley's experience there. In our grammar work we have been developing use of speech in the forms of reported and direct speech and the correct punctuation of direct speech. To deepen this learning we have developed action and reporting clauses within dialogue.

In art- we have now critiqued and evaluated our drafts and are ready to redraft our Torres-Garcia inspired designs.

In geography- we are ready to present our end of unit knowledge catcher next week after creating our mountain dioramas which we will be using as part of our computing and music work with Mr Allen.


Peer critique and self evaluation of our first drafts for our Torres-Garcia inspired deisgns