04/01/2022   Welcome back and weekly update 4.1.22

I hope you all had a wonderful break and I am super excited for this term's learning ahead!

The curriculum map is now uploaded to this page above and you can have a peek at where our learning journey is taking us this term. This is my most favourite term ever because we will learn all about space, Katherine Johnson, Galileo, Newton and Copernicus. We will dig deep into how thinking and knowledge has evolved over time and this week we will be critiquing the significance of historical events in our journey as humans that travel into space!

In maths this week we will complete chapter 4- word problems. Focusing on use of bar model and inverse operations to solve multi step word problems

In english, we will be exploring The Nowhere Emporium by Ross McKenzie- it is FABULOUS! We will be looking at sentence stacking to write a descriptive narrative passage as part of our broader narrative unit over the coming weeks.

In science we will look at the work of Copernicus in understanding what is out there in space and a little bit of flat earth theory!

In DT, we are going to be making pop up books for year 1 children, so this week is all about designing them.

In RE, we are asking whether Easter or Christmas is the most important Christian festival as we introduce the unit Salvation.

In PE, we are dancing and playing a pokeball game!

Weekly spellings are coming home in your homework booklet and assignments are live on edshed!