14/03/2022   Weekly update 14.3.22

Apologies for the late update!

Last week the children completed their decimals chapter in maths. We have now begun looking at percentages and will be converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. We are applying these to real life scenarios in order to embed solid understanding for the real life application of this maths. 

In English, we are now publishing our indpendent writing- non chronological reports. Once completed, they will be posted to your child's seesaw journal. Make sure to take a peek to see the fruits of their labours in this formal report on a self-chosen animal. 

We are near the end of learning our spelling rules for year 5 which means lots of revision and consolidation of these in the coming summer term. Some children are being further challenged and have been added to a new group on Ed Shed so don't be alarmed if their EdShed words don't match the class based spelling words. All are great practice.

Where handwriting has been mastered and is fluent, children are now using this time to deepen their spelling rules knowledge and have some additional time to practice in class too. 

In topic, we have studied the pros and cons of tourism and this week we will be looking at the effects of avalanches on the alps landscape. We are working towards producing a 'not a tour guide' to deter poor tourism practice and promote more conscientious human activity when visiting new places such as the Alps.

In art, we are studying the style of Hundertwasser this week. Next we will become architects and prepare to design our own monuments inspired by the abstract techniques we have been studying.

Finally, this week and next week we will be undertaking some assessments in maths, grammar, spelling and reading. The children will receive individual feedback and will set some targets for the summer term. We always enjoy our assessment weeks. Your children are extremely driven and keen to do better than their best, but we remind them always that these tests don't tell the story of what amazing individuals they are. We will all do our very best and celebrate all of our achievements. I know they are all excited to see their results as have been keenly awaiting these tests all term! Love the enthusiasm!

Thank you for all your support as ever.